Thursday, February 17, 2011


Squadron Hawk is the card in the spotlight right now, so I'd be remiss not to work on a set of them. The big problem I've seen with mural pieces in the past is that they're pretty silly if you can't assemble the whole thing in a game. Squadron Hawk's ability fixes that problem, so I had a go:

Flavorful no?


  1. I never watched voltron as a kid (I was more into power rangers) but this thing is 100% rad.

  2. That is beyond fantastic! Well done!

    If I was going to do a mural for Squadron Hawks, I'd be heading down the Transformers path, but that's only because my Saturday Morning Cartoon tastes must have differed slightly :-)

  3. hey man these are freaking amazing.

  4. Having seen this, I was thinking that you might have a Trinket Mage in your cube with a few artifacts to search up. Similar to this assemble the squad theme, maybe you could have a wizard who searches up his hat and stuff. Oh and I like Lord of the Rings.

  5. Can I commission a playset of squadron hawks? Maybe four of the decepticon jets? Email me if you're interested-