Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Everything Is Black and White

Lately I've been working on a large set of commissions. When working on a set I'll periodically look over the finished work to check that my quality has been maintained over all of the works. Recently I keep coming back to this one to set a baseline. I love doing black and white alters:

Because I like to work cleanly, I find the graphic nature of black and white really helps to accentuate what I'm looking for in a finished piece. Here's an older one that was just as fun to work on:

As a side note, this week SCG offered me a table for any of there Open events this year. I'll be at Louisville and Indy for sure, and am looking to book further events as well. While Kentucky is about six weeks away, I'm super excited to get working on some stock for that weekend. Hope to see you there!