Monday, July 25, 2011

You Call Him Doctor Jones, Doll

I always try to fit characters thematically with the cards they're going on. Most of the time, it's the people bringing me commissions that have the best ideas. That holds true with this one for sure.

This gold paint is a little addictive...


  1. Awesome detail, incredibly smooth texture! Are you using craft paints, or acrylics? I can't actually tell.

  2. Golden Fluid Acrylics - a bit like craft paints with a very high pigment count.

  3. I've got Golden Heavy Body, which is too thick/has low flow, and Grumbacher Galleria. I've also got Liquitex Soft Body, which seems to work well.

    What size/type of brushes do you use? I like size 0-2 Script Liners, but i haven't found any Flats i like yet.

  4. Heavy body paints are much harder to work with because they have very little flow. I only work with 1 and 0 size rounds. Liners are similar, but the bristles are longer so you have less control when it comes to contours, etc.