Monday, November 14, 2011

A Nouveau Week

It's a new week and I'm back to work with a fresh batch of cards on the table. Let me know when you guys are sick of seeing the Nouveau stuff. It's been a more and more popular request the past few weeks, so there'll be a few more on the way. Luckily practice makes perfect, so I got more ambitious with this one. Re: tedious patterns.

In other news, I'm planning on hosting an exclusive, live tutorial via Skype in the near future. I mentioned it on Twitter over the weekend and it seems more than a few are interested. Details are up in the air but here's what I've got:

- 10 slots available
- $20 per/person
- 2-3 hours minimum (likely even longer)

I'm planning on demonstrating a lot of the techniques I use everyday, alongside a discussion of materials, setup, ect. I don't have a day or time locked down yet so if you're interested feel free to leave your feedback below!


  1. Keep the nouveaux stuff coming! I love the style and there isn't enough of it in the world.

  2. This one is just beautiful. I'd love to have one of each Planeswalker.

  3. I'd love to be in on the tutorial-let me know details

  4. the nouveaux stuff is fantastic and original.