Friday, April 6, 2012

Grab Bag V

April already. This year is flying by. Here's a recap of some recent paint-slinging. As always, you can keep up in real time on my Facebook page.

My first altered checklist card!

Something to go alongside my first Time Walk. 
Based off Matt Stewart's Legacy Champ's artwork.

Van Ghave.

Alphonse Mucha Glissa.

Guru Dual!

Large creatures playing Magic. Based off C. M. Coolidge's Waterloo.

Mega Mage. Snapcaster Man.

Rounding things off with a simple extension.


  1. Hey! A few things...

    First, holy shit! You're one of the best alterers I've ever seen, so kudos to you. Keep up the brilliant work.

    Second, isn't that a Van Gogh Ghave? Or did Picasso have an impressionist period I missed out on? ;) (I tease, it's a great peice either way!)

    Third, I love almost all your stuff but the Nouveau stuff really blows my mind - Mucha is one of my all-time favorite artists. Keep on posting those Nouveau alters, I can never get enough.

  2. Alternate obscure Megaman/Snapcaster subtitle:

    "Get Equipped with Time Stopper!"


    ...because... see... he's a Flash Man. >_>