Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Long May

While the majority of my work gets posted to my Facebook page, I think I'd like to use this blog as a tool for reflection whenever I get the chance. I wrote a lot more about my thought process and source material in the first year of Klug Alters, and I sort of miss that. That said, here's a few pieces from the past month.

I finally got the chance to alter my first Recall in May. There are few rare and expensive cards now that I haven't altered. This concept came from the client. I love simple, clever ideas like this; I couldn't have asked for a better project!

Speaking of clever ideas, I love this one proposed for The Mimeoplasm. I grew up with Bob Ross so I can never be unhappy working on that grinning, afro'd head. A little bizarre? Maybe. But who doesn't love an alter that can make you smile? Also, check out Douglas Shuler's Alpha Mountain on the easel. 

I posted a Dali basic earlier in the month, and these two complete the set I was commissioned for. I've only worked on one other Dali in the past, so these were a real challenge to wrap my head around. I'll definitely be doing more of his work in the future.

And finally, a Mucha inspired work. My art nouveau work has easily been the most popular in the past,  so my challenge continues to be how to keep it fresh. This Brainstorm omits several elements from the original piece and incorporates some from the Ice Age Brainstorm art. Tweak some colors to make it all work together, and there you have it! 

Coming up next month, I'll have a table at the SCG Invitational in Indianapolis June 15-17. I'll be working all week long, showing off completed work and taking commissions on site. See you there!


  1. What's the original Mucha work that inspired the brainstorm?

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