Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mark Poole's Broken Hand

Mark Poole never really broke his hand. At least, not to my knowledge. But that's what you'd have to believe to think he signed this:

Yikes. Story goes one of the past owners of this Library tried to alter the sky and didn't really appreciate the results. To try and salvage their efforts, a crude Mark Poole forgery was tacked on. Take special notice of the missing 'L.' No doubt the card needed help. 

Several hours of restoration later and we're looking close to good as new. A fresh Van Gogh-inspired Library!


  1. You not only alter but you SAVE cards!

  2. Nice work saving the text box! Your lettering is unbelievably clean...not to mention the obvious amazing artwork.

    Blown away as always...

  3. Yea, that is not my signature or my alteration....Really good cover up and alter.


  4. This kind of restoration is going to have to gain wider acceptance if these older cards (and the formats they depend on) are to remain playable. Phenomenal work saving a card that so clearly needed saving!

  5. So did you just paint over the fake signature or did you have some way to remove it?