Sunday, August 14, 2011


At Gen Con, I had the opportunity to sit down and play some Commander and commission a card for one of my opponents. He plays with a mono-red Kiki-Jiki deck, and you could say he's invested a little into his general. The man owns a regular copy, a foil copy, a Japanese foil copy, and a 3-D alter by Drew Sitte. Naturally I had to do some work for him:

Hey! What's that Kiki's pointing at?

A little final touch (with metallic paint, of course) wrapped this one up nicely.


  1. You even replaced the rarity symbol. And I love the background mountains - the left ones in front of the name, the right ones behind. This is so perfect! You've mastered the Guru style!

  2. this is pretty freak'n amazing. all the little details are really sweet. nice work