Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roses Are Red, Lotuses Are Black

What can I say about altering another Lotus? For a while I've had the idea of doing a Lotus that was a take on Volkan Baga's alternate art Moxes. The pieces were created as prizes for the Annual Vintage Championships, but when it came time for Black Lotus, Rush did a similar spin on his original. I felt like Lotus deserved the Baga treatment. Being an Asian flower, it seemed only appropriate to include an Asian local in the background. In this case, it's the Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto will always hold a personal significance when it comes to Magic, as it was the location of my first Pro Tour. The entire city screams of history; I couldn't think of a better canvas for painting one of it's most famous spots.

Obviously there's a certain stigma surrounding painting on cards of this rarity, so if it makes any of you feel better, the card was extremely beat and remains markered on the back. Perfect for a restoration project!


  1. I was at that temple last October, stunning. Great alter as well, keep up the good work

  2. Looks great for what it is, your painting skills are awesome as usual. I really thought the updated Volkan Baga moxen were really lacking in gravitas compared to the originals, though, so I wouldn't have commissioned this piece. Your own Guru moxen and Mox Diamonds have been WAY better. For Baga's pieces and for this, including the cradling hands pulls focus from the object of desire, makes one wonder about the possessor, the coveter, rather than the coveted. A touch odd, too, for the hands to be white instead of Asian with that background :P

  3. Appreciate you taking the time to give this thoughtful critique. The model for the hands is, in fact, the owner of this piece. So that explains that.


  4. Very nice alter. It might be one of my favorites. I usually like the non-character ones more probably because of originality. Also, I am digging your new website banner!

  5. I am now officially a hand model. Yet another thing I have in common with George Costanza.