Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ending on a Lotus

The Guru Moxes that are displayed above are probably some of my best known works from the past year. They were originally commissioned by Wes Wise, buyer for StarCityGames, just a few short months ago. They're changed hands since, but I had an opportunity to meet the current owner earlier this month at SCG Charlotte. He approached me about commissioning an accompanying piece to the Moxen. The idea: a Guru Black Lotus.

This was to be my third Lotus alter of the year, and they've all raised different challenges. This time the question was, how does one Guru something that produces all five colors of Magic? The solution was to combine all of Nielsen's original landscapes into one colorful background. And here's what that looks like:

It's been a great year starting a new business and running this blog. 2012 is sure to bring lots more painting and hopefully some awesome alters! I'll continue to update here with the best pieces, but be sure to like the Klug Alters Facebook page to see even more work. Thanks for all your support and have a Happy New Year!