Thursday, August 30, 2012


Back in the 7th grade I scanned in artwork for the first time. One thing I remember is how fascinated I was at seeing the medium magnified several times on the computer screen. It's one of those weirdo artsy things that still intrigues me. When I'm at a museum, I like to get as close to paintings as possible. There's nothing like seeing the hand of the artist. 

Today I'm showing my most recent alter based on Finnish artist Eero Järnefelt's 1893 painting Burning the Brushwood


  1. Wow that detail is amazing. This is a pretty spectacular job.

  2. Still waiting for Finnish Magic cards. Name: "Miekat auroiksi", text: "Karkoita kohdeolento. Kohdeolennon haltija saa sen voiman mukaisen määrän elämäpisteitä."

    I can imagine it was a pain to get the girl's look right in that size, that's what makes the original painting so great.