Sunday, August 12, 2012

GenCon Indy Part I

GenCon Indy is upon us! The convention opens bright and early Thursday morning and I'm incredibly excited for what always turns out to be an amazing four days.

This year I've decided to do a little pre-post entry on the blog. I'm always terrible at documenting the weekend so hopefully this will motivate me to pull out my camera every once and a while. I have some loose plans for the trip so let's lay those out.

GenCon offers the opportunity to game, literally non-stop. The TCG hall is open 24-hours so you can believe I'll be cubing quite a bit. The expectation is to average 2-3 drafts a day. Over four days that's 8-12 drafts. Be it a 2-man, 6-man, 8-man, Winston, Winchester, Rochester, Rotisserie; cubing will be had. My weapon of choice will be my awesome common/uncommon build.

Last year the con gave me the inspiration to build an EDH for such occasions where someone wants to challenge me. I don't play a much of the format at all, but it's nice to have an outlet to Goblin Game. If you're up for a battle and you see me, just ask!

Of course I expect to talk a bit of shop the next couple of days. If you're interested in alters or altering I'm more than happy to have a conversation and answer any questions. I should also have a few pieces on me that haven't been sent out, if anyone's interested in seeing some work in person. 

Finally I want to warn anyone attending the event to remain vigilant in keeping an eye on your bags and cards. I hate to end this post on a down note, but anytime there are crowds of people carrying lots of valuable items, there will be theft. Last year GenCon was no exception to the rule and the event was soured for many attendees, out thousands of dollars, with the police and event staff unable to offer much assistance. 

A little advice off the top of my head: 
- Travel light. Only carry on you items you plan to use/sell on the day. 
- Stay physically connected with your bag. Setting it on a chair or between your feet is not necessarily a good safeguard. 
- Be aware of your surroundings. The more crowded an area is, the more susceptible you are to be taken advantage of. 

These words aren't meant to spoil the convention, but to remind everyone of the risk. I for one cannot wait to head out Wednesday morning. Have a great time and I'll see you there!

PS. Don't forget to check out the Magic World Cup that will be going down onsite and cheer for the US team!